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01 Sep 2012
Replace your Caravan's light globes with LED & save power!

Replace your Caravan's light globes with LED's and save power!

Our range of LED globe replacements ensure that we have an LED alternative for most styles of incandescent lights.

LED replacement globes have a life of up to 100,000 hours and in many cases offer
superior light to the standard incandescent globes.

Let us shine some light on subject:


On average one of our 1.5W (0.125 Amp) globes would operate on a fully charged 100A/H battery for a period of approximately 720 hours. With 6 globes running you would have approximately 120 hours of lighting whilst free camping. Based on an average daily lighting usage of 5 hours/night, you would have 24 days worth of lighting, using our LED replacements along with a 100 A/H battery.

Now do you see the advantage? View our range of 12V LED globe replacements today!

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