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09 Sep 2012
Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar systems, the way to go!

Solar panels are an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to charge the battery system in your RV. Your charged battery will then allow you to operate your 12V camping fridge, lights, 12V television, CD/Radio and any other 12V appliances. They are an ideal power supply solution for those who enjoy 'free camping' or camping on non-powered sites.

There's been much debate between Caravanners as to whether they should purchase a portable solar system or install fixed panels to the roof of their RV. To put it simply, they'll both do the job well, however a portable set-up is cost effective and offers a more versatile solution.

Discover the advantages below:

  • Panels can be positioned to maximise their sunlight exposure at all times
  • Save on the installation costs involved with fixed panel set-ups
  • Keep the portable system for your next RV
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to store
  • Portable system can be used for purposes other than just the RV
  • No drilling holes in your RV's roof, means no water leaks

The portable solar systems can be purchased though in both 80 Watt and 120 Watt sizes. The systems feature 2 x panels with collapsible stands, a built in solar regulator and a carry bag.   

80 Watt system (4.55A output)                

120 Watt system (6.8 A output)





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