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12 Aug 2014

Peace of Mind on the Road!

The Milenco Aero towing mirrors offer leading design in stability, structure and versatility and are one of the best selling towing mirrors in the world.


Manufactured with the best available materials including stainless steel clamping screws,  turn-in brass inserts with the mirror made from chrome safety glass.


This award-winning towing mirror comes in two sizes, the Milenco Aero 2 and the Milenco Grand Aero both offering a unique clamping structure and an outstanding, versatile system with easy to use thumb wheels on tilting axis.


The Grand Aero Towing Mirror has one of the largest mirror heads on the market, designed specifically to enable drivers to view a considerable distance past their caravan.


Features include:


  •         Superior Quality
  •         Perfect View Adjustment
  •         Aerodynamic Head
  •         Easy Grip Thumb Wheels
  •         Stainless Steel Screws With Brass Inserts
  •         Unique Air Balanced Design to Stop Vibration


Purchase your set of Aero 2 or Grand Aero mirrors today!

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