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09 Oct 2013

No more tangled leads with Cordpro!

Every now and then we stumble across a tool that completely transforms our outlook on something. A job that might frustrate you just thinking about it, like needing a power cord without having to unroll the whole cord, not to mention rolling the entire cord back up again.


The Cord Pro management system will have you so completely organised you'll wonder why no one thought of it before. Cord Pro organises just about any flexible item like extension cords, air hoses, water lines, coax cable, appliance cords, computer cables, and just about anything that is prone to tangling.


Cord Pro has a no moving parts design, it organises your cord into two separate flexible chambers, one for each half. This allows you to access either end independently and at all times. You can plug it in, go to work, and it unreels as you work. It winds up easily, because the ends wind past, not over each other, so they don't tangle.



  • Reinforced hanging hole
  • UV resistant polymer
  • Soft rubber grip ring for sure hold
  • No kinks in hoses


Purchase your Cordpro or Cordpro XL now!







Caravan Pro

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